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Established in 1998, we use traditional growing methods on our herb nursery in the South Downs National Park where we grow a range of over 200 different herb varieties for sale at local retail events and to buy online for delivery to addresses in the UK mainland.

We also supply our herb plants to garden centres, other plant outlets and nurseries within a radius of approximately 60 miles of the nursery and can arrange to have them ready for collection in smaller quantities to landscapers, garden designers, flower farmers, and florists amongst others.

Whilst we operate a different availability list for wholesale trade it's best to contact us with your requirements as we're not always able to supply new customers.


The herbs are all grown without the use of artificial heat or light in order to replicate the conditions they will find in their new home with you and to ensure successful growing on. It also means that the choice of herbs available throughout the year is seasonal and will change accordingly. Our availability changes weekly and those herbs that are ready for online sales are updated regularly with a complete reference list of what we grow on the main menu too.



Popular Herb Collections

All Herb Plants
All of the herbs that are ready now - culinary, fragrant, decorative or a combination of all - this list changes weekly with the greatest choice being available as we head into Spring and towards Summer.
Basil Herb Plants
Basil Herb Plants
Culinary Classics
Probably the most popular herbs chosen for everyday dishes and cooking - although there are variations of each and many others that you may choose over these?
Edible flowers and salad leaves
There's nothing better than picking fresh leaves and adding some colourful edible flowers to your salad bowl.
Lavender Herb Plants
The traditional English flowers and the French tufted 'bunny rabbit ears' varieties with flower colours ranging from the deep blu purple of HIdcote through paler versions and into pink or white or a combination...
Marjoram Herb Plants
Similar in many ways and from the same plant family as Oregano, loved by pollinators and again there's a variety of green or golden foliage to choose from.
Mint Herb Plants
The biggest range of herb varieties that we grow is the Mint plant collection. From the traditional Garden, English Lamb, Moroccan, Spanish and Tashkent to the fruity ones, the Peppermints or those with a gorgeous fragrance - Eau de Cologne, Indian, Lavender and more that have sweetly scented foliage.
Oregano Herb Plants
A Mediterranean classic that goes well with tomato based dishes - choose from the green or golden varieties for fresh leaves in your dishes.
Rosemary Herb Plants
Generally having the same fragrange and flavour, these varieties vary in terms of the colour of their flowers or their growing habit - the more upright, creeping or standard. Then there's the Green Ginger Rosemary, increasingly popular and with a hint of ginger to its flavour and fragrance!
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We believe the quality of the herbs we grow is second to none and this is reflected in the feedback we receive from our many customers. Our herbs are growing in RHS, Royal Historic Palace and National Trust gardens, in the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and have featured in numerous RHS show gardens, at promotional and marketing events, on gardening programmes, in restaurants and shops throughout the country and we supply them to other large online gardening websites who sell them on via their own websites.


So have a browse and order herb plants online direct from us or come and see us at one of the retail events we attend and make your own selection...


Once 2021 events are booked they will be displayed here 

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