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Full of Flavour Rosemary Plants Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Looking for a herb that's both versatile and aromatic? Look no further than Rosemary! Easy to grow and long-lived, Rosemary is valued for its fragrant needle-like leaves, woody stems and two-lipped tabular flowers that can be deep blue, pale blue, pink or even...white! Rosemary Herb Plants come in many forms. There are upright, shrubby and beautiful trailing varieties. They all have the same flavour and fragrance. The only exception in terms of taste and aroma is Green Ginger Rosemary, which has a hint of ginger.  Everyone with the slightest interest in food uses Rosemary in cooking. It pairs nicely with other intensely flavoured herbs, such as sage, thyme and oregano. Rosemary Herb Plants are very effective for bordering pathways and kitchen gardens as they provide year-round interest.  If Rosemary is a fundamental ingredient in your favourite recipes, make sure you have it growing not too far away from your kitchen.

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