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Welcome to Pepperpot Herbs Nursery,  where our green thumbs and culinary passions intertwine. We are Neil and Catherine, and our journey began in 1998 when we embarked on the dream of creating a nursery specialising in herb plants.


Fueled by our shared love for horticulture, food, cooking, a healthy lifestyle, and the great outdoors, we cultivated various herbs beyond the ordinary.


From medicinal marvels to decorative delights, salad leaves to edible flowers, we've nurtured a diverse herb plant collection that will captivate your senses and inspire your green adventures.


Two people posing with a smile for a photo on a sunny, paved area.

Our Journey

The Evolution of Our Herb Nursery from PolyTunnel to Herb Farm

Vibrant red flowers in bloom with a greenhouse in the background.

In the early days, armed with determination and a single polytunnel, we established our roots on a rented site in Surrey.


As demand grew, so did our ambitions. In 2016, we relocated to our beautiful herb farm in Hampshire, marking a significant milestone in our journey.


The name "Pepperpot" pays homage to the iconic Godalming's High Street building, where it all began.


In 2022, we moved our home to the same site as the nursery, ensuring that our passion for herbs remains at the heart of everything we do.

Nurturing Nature's Wonders


Neil's lifelong fascination with horticulture led him to pursue commercial horticulture studies at Hadlow College in Kent.


His insatiable curiosity drove him to complete the Kew Diploma with Honors at the renowned Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew whilst also studying for the Master of Horticulture (MHort) qualification.


With over 30 years of experience in the horticultural industry, Neil's expertise is the bedrock of our nursery's success.

Person transplanting a herb plant into a pot at a gardening workstation.

With a background in finance, HR, and customer service management, Catherine joined Neil full-time in 2000, infusing the business with her passion and organisational prowess. Together, alongside a dedicated team of permanent and seasonal workers, including their two sons, they nurture and grow our exceptional herbs.

Herb Plants


Supporting Local Gardens and Beyond at Our Herb Nursery

We initially focused on supplying independent garden centres, small chains, and quality outlets within a 60-mile radius of our herbs nursery.


We hold dear the importance of supporting local communities. As our reputation grew, so did our reach.


Today, although we supply some customers who are a little further afield, we still prioritise partnerships with those independent garden centres but also supply some florists, flower farmers, landscapers, garden designers, and like-minded nurseries.

A Digital Herb Haven


Embracing the digital era was a pivotal step in our journey. With our online shop, we've transformed Pepperpot Herbs Nursery into a virtual haven of herbal wonders. Now, if you reside in the majority of the UK mainland, you can experience the joy of our hand-selected herb plants. From the lowlands of Scotland to the bustling streets of London, our herbs are carefully packaged and sent with care to every corner of the country. Let nature's treasures bloom in your garden, just a few clicks away.

Best sellers

Remember, if you want to experience the Pepperpot Herb Nursery ambience, we invite you to visit us at the vibrant festivals, farmers' markets, and events scattered throughout the busiest months of the gardening year. There, you can immerse yourself in the fragrances and beauty of our fresh herbs while enjoying the warmth of our close-knit community. Check our homepage for upcoming events, and join us on this green adventure of a lifetime.

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