Basil Herb Plantsding 2

One of the most anticipated herbs of the year; it's a very tender annual that needs sunshine and warmth, even at night - so we don't really have it available until we know it will be a minimum of around 10c overnight. It likes to be watered but that's best done when it has the chance to dry out again, so water it in the mornings or from underneath if it won't be possible for it to dry out again. In its early stages the stems can rot so check them and ease the individual ones out if that happens. By June it's often possible to plant it out but that's best when the stems are more established and tougher.

Sweet Basil is the most widely recognised and used with Greek being a smaller leaf variety and African Blue very popular as it's quick growing and tougher with beautiful flowers until the first frosts - varieties are updated as they become available...

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