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Get Your Green Thumb On Herbs Online from Pepperpot Herbs Nursery



Welcome to Pepperpot Herbs Nursery, the best place for herbs online. We're here to satisfy your herbaceous cravings and provide the information you need to embark on a fragrant and flavourful gardening adventure. Get ready to explore our frequently asked questions and discover how we can help you cultivate a vibrant herb garden.


Buying Herbs Online From Pepperpot Herbs Nursery

All You Need to Know About Our Herbs

  • What Size Are the Herb Plants for Sale?
    When it comes to our herb plants, we've got them growing in 9cm pots, ready to dazzle your garden. These beauties boast an established root system and balanced top growth, guaranteeing their readiness for your garden. We don't settle for anything less than herbs in their prime condition, ready to flourish under your care. Just remember, the height descriptions of our herbs indicate their mature stature, not their current height in the pot. Get ready to witness these botanical wonders reach new heights!
  • What Pots Do You Use?
    At Pepperpot Herbs Nursery, we're all about sustainable choices. We grow our plants in grey pots made from 100% recycled polypropylene. They're not just any pots - they're free of carbon black and can be detected by the Near Infrared (NIR) detection system used at waste processing plants. Why does that matter? It means you can recycle them and contribute to a closed-loop system of reusing, recycling, and creating future products that can be recycled too. So, you're not just growing herbs; you're making a green difference!
  • What Compost Do You Use?
    Mother Nature has inspired us to take a leap towards sustainable gardening practices. That's why we grow all our herbs in peat-free compost. By omitting peat, we're actively preserving precious ecosystems and minimising the carbon footprint of your herb garden. So, when you nurture our herbs, you're cultivating fresh flavours and contributing to our planet's well-being. It's a win-win situation for both you and nature.
  • Why Can't I See Information on All Herbs You Grow?
    Ah, the secret lies in our gardening approach. We offer herbs for sale when ready to thrive in your garden rather than overwhelming you with an extensive catalogue filled with out-of-stock items. You see, herbs have their seasons too. While the hardy, evergreen perennials are usually available throughout the year, tender annuals have their particular time to shine. Don't worry, though! Please take a look at our list of herbs to get a taste of what nature has in store for each season.
  • So, When Do You Update Your Herbs Availability Online?
    Imagine our website as a living, breathing garden constantly growing and evolving. Although we top it up with fresh herb delights every few days and closely monitor stock levels, the real excitement happens on Thursdays – when our dedicated team embarks on a crop walk, meticulously assessing availability. And when does the magic happen? On Fridays! That's when our website is fully blossomed, showcasing everything ready for you to pluck and plant in your garden. Remember, our range is in full bloom from around April to September, with tender herbs like Basil and Lemon Grass making their entrance from late May to June. It's a herb extravaganza you won't want to miss!
  • How Much Do You Charge for Delivery When I Buy Your Herbs Online?
    Here's the lowdown on our delivery options. Free delivery for orders of £50 and more If you prefer to pick up your herb babies directly from the nursery, it's on the house – free! But if you prefer doorstep delivery, we've got you covered too. For orders ranging from one to five herbs, it's £10 (including VAT). And if you plan to create a herbaceous wonderland with six or more herbs, we have a special deal for you – just £7 (including VAT). We do not send orders to any islands, but we are always happy to quote on an individual basis should you want us to. Orders to the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Scottish Islands will be cancelled. Apologies, our courier costs are prohibitive - but do contact us for a quote. As for the Highlands (according to DPD's list), delivery costs £25 (including VAT) and might take a little longer, up to two days. Simply select this option during checkout, and we'll make sure your herbs find their way to your doorstep. We appreciate that you may not live in the Highlands but can only work to DPD's list of what they consider to be Scottish Highlands and for which they charge us more. To check DPD's list of postcodes, please click here.
  • When Will I Get My Herbs?
    We've streamlined our delivery process for maximum efficiency. With courier collections taking place from Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays), your ordered online herbs will arrive on your doorstep the day after leaving our nurturing nursery. We keep you informed every step of the way by placing a note at the top of our home page, revealing expected dispatch dates and notifying you of any delightful delays. After all, anticipation only makes the herb-growing journey more exciting!
  • Which Courier Do You Use?
    DPD and DHL
  • Can I Visit the Nursery?
    Absolutely! During the main growing season, we've set aside a special polytunnel for our herbs, all labelled and ready to accompany us to fantastic retail events like Farmers' Markets. If you're eager to experience the magic firsthand, please drop by while our nursery doors are open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Explore our available selection of herb plants in pots, and let's embark on a herbaceous journey together!
  • Where Are You?
    You'll find us between Winchester and Farnham, on the outskirts of Chawton and Alton in Hampshire. Getting to us couldn't be easier as we're located near the A31 by the Selborne Road and Wolf's Lane junction. Here's something to note: we're a working nursery, not your typical garden centre. So, while we might not have all the fancy facilities you might expect, we have an extensive range of enchanting herb plants waiting to bring joy to your garden. Speaking of which, Chawton village, renowned for its Jane Austen connections, is a stone's throw away. Why not make a day of it? Visit the nearby museum, Chawton House, and wrap up your adventure with a relaxing stop at the Greyfriar pub or Cassandra's Cup tea room. It's a perfect treat for any herb enthusiast.

A Digital Herb Haven


Embracing the digital era was a pivotal step in our journey. With our online shop, we've transformed Pepperpot Herbs Nursery into a virtual haven of herbal wonders. Now, if you reside in the majority of the UK mainland, you can experience the joy of our hand-selected herb plants. From the lowlands of Scotland to the bustling streets of London, our herbs are carefully packaged and sent with care to every corner of the country. Let nature's treasures bloom in your garden, just a few clicks away.

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Remember, if you want to experience the Pepperpot Herb Nursery ambience, we invite you to visit us at the vibrant festivals, farmers' markets, and events scattered throughout the busiest months of the gardening year. There, you can immerse yourself in the fragrances and beauty of our fresh herbs while enjoying the warmth of our close-knit community. Check our homepage for upcoming events, and join us on this green adventure of a lifetime.

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